Silk Road is not unknown to any in this modern world. Needless to say, it is an infamous cyber market of the drug. In easy words, it is an online drug market, which transaction is more than two hundred USD. Silk Road was seized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 2013 for their illegal business. At that critical time, two of the federal investigators took advantage of their position. The Breaking news is that, those who helped one time to turn over the Silk Road, they are now accused of fraud case. It is found during their investigation that, they have stolen more than a million dollars in Bitcoins!!


The two victims, under the indictment charges of the US Department of justice are, Carl Force and Shaun Bridges. Carl Force is the former special agent of Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), who is 46 years old. And Shaun Bridges, former agent of the Secret Service, who is 32 years old.

The US Department of Justice has indictment four charges against them like,

Ø Money laundering

Ø Interest confliction

Ø Government property theft

Ø Fraud by wire

Besides of that, Ross Ulbricht, the creator of Silk Road, was found guilty of running such dark marketplace, and he was arrested instantly. The lead undercover agent, Force was accused of illegal selling of Government information about the Silk Road investigation on Ross Ulbricht. It is exposed that, multiple airlines were used by Force for exporting thousands of dollars’ worth of Bitcoin from Ross Ulbricht. It was complaint by DoJ.

The accusation was confirmed by the evidence, got on the laptop during the arrest of Ulbticht. The chat history with DPR contains all the evidence against Force and Bridges. The all stealing history was found here. It was about $235,000 by Force and about $820,000 in Bitcoin by Bridges.

The DoJ complain also said about Force that, he created a another persona named “French Maid” to continue business on underground black market, and he charged a huge amount like, about $100,000 for the government’s investigation information about Silk Road from Dread Pirate Roberts. After getting the amount, Force instantly deposited it on his personal account in US. Even now it is not fully sure that, French Maid has provided the information, but he was claimed by Ulbricht for receiving a $100,000 payment in BTC. The claim got strong for a “log” file on 13th September 2013, which contained a written document like, “French Maid claims that Mark Karpeles has given my name to DHLS [sic]. I offered him $100K for the name.”



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