The new Dark Web marketplace is now on appear for protecting anonymity to the sellers and the hackers have already sold the secrets of the zero-day exploits to the dark underground web marketplace like, Silk Road.


A new Dark Web marketplace has opened for the hackers, named “TheRealDeal”. Its focus is selling the Zero-Day exploits –the infiltration codes, which take advantages on software vulnerabilities. For that, the manufacturers have not released any software patch officially.

“TheRealDeal” raised on the last month. It has made the use of a software named Tor anonymity software and also Bitcoins, the digital currency by hiding the buyers, sellers and the administrator identity.

One of the well-known Darknets is TOR, a.k.a The Onion Router. It is very heard to identify the user’s identity here, because no identifying information like IP address or physical location is shared here with the service providers and the websites. Moreover, the dark market sells the hacking tools of low level and the details of stolen credit cards.

The main focuses of RealDeal are, hacking tools, source codes and the zero-day exploits, which are very popular.

The administrator message is like that,

Welcome…We originally opened this market in order to be a ‘code market’ — where rare information and code can be obtained. Completely avoid the scam/scum and enjoy the real code, real information and real products.

The dark market RealDeal is even now on early stage. The numbers of services are listed here like, new method for hacking Apple iCloud accounts and hacking against Windows, WordPress and Android.

What deals offers the RealDeal

  • It offers iCloud hack in $17,000 Bitcoin
  • Offer the access to the iCloud accounts

According to the Wired, in 2012 one working iOS exploit may sell for $250,000. And according to the report of New York Times, one iOS exploit was sold to a government in $500,000.

What More than Exploits

Not only the exploits, has the RealDeal also sold the countermeasures against the potential financial frauds. Drugs, weapons, Remote Access Trojans (TATs) are also available on the dark web market.


RealDeal works in a model of multi signature. It involves a number of buyers, sellers and administrators.  This means, bitcoins get held in an address, which is managed jointly by trio, and in case of transaction, it needs to approve by two of the three parties. After then the fund get transferred.

But it is not guaranteed that, RealDeal is not fake or scam. It may disappear like the Sleep Marketplace and Evolution, by absconding with billions of dollars from the dark web market.



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