Were Emma Watson’s bare pictures leaked as asserted by cyber criminals? The danger of them being made public had the Harry Potter actress furious about women’s rights.

In a associated report by the Inquisitr, a lot of the youthful actors and actresses have been running from their Harry Potter renown, and Matthew Lewis published new pictures in order to demonstrate that he is not the Neville Longbottom anymore. Emma Watson also asserted that men could be feminists, and being one is not so hard.

Before long, after the well-known event now called ‘the happening,’ a site calling itself ‘Emma You Are Next’ showed up and displayed an image of the artist next to a clock. At the time, it was thought that someone associated to the hackers guilty for the release of Jennifer Lawrence’s naked pictures would try and target the Harry Potter celebrity. It was also stated either Reddit or 4chan users had made the site.

The timing could not have been shoddier. Emma Watson is the United Nations Ambassador Women, and while everybody was talking those movie star naked photos, she was focused on talking at Facebook’s headquarters in London to culminate International Women’s Day.

Emma Watson said that her precise directive is to garner support for women and girls but she also understands that these repressions are intertwining, commonly strengthening the Inter-sectionalism – wish is a really important word here. She went on to plea that we all need to be support each other, and she hoped that the masses felt that this was their movement, because it really was.

According to The Independent, the warning to leak Emma Watson’s naked photos never occurred, but Watson felt the timing was proposed as an attack on her hard work, which was quite distressing.

She felt that after she gave her speech [at the UN], the site threatened to release her nude photos. Although she knew that it was a hoax, and that such pictures of her didn’t exist, there were a lot of people close to her that knew gender equality was a problem but did not think it that was that urgent, and that it was a thing of the past. And then when they saw that the second she stood up to talk about women’s rights, she was instantly threatened, and they were really shocked, and her brother was chiefly upset. That’s the a real thing that’s happening right now, women are getting threats. All of this made Emma Watson so angry that she knew she couldn’t stop promoting what she was now. Whoever was trying to put her off it, it did the exact opposite.

True to these words, Watson called out to Jennifer Lawrence in order to help the other celebrity with her leaked pictures. The overall product of the happening is that 4chan and Reddit have both cracked down on exposed naked photos of everyone, not just stars.



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