There has been somewhat of a debate over flashlight apps last year. Distinctively, an unreasonable number of them store information about you to trade to third parties and that is how they give their application for free and without marketing. Unluckily for them, not a lot of people are comfortable giving away stuff like their position and their call logs just to use a free flashlight app. In the list bellow, we’ll look at the best Android flashlight applications who only require you to turn on your camera LED to utilize as a flashlight.

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5) Color Flashlight

Color Flashlight it has a plethora of features. It has the normal lowest-permissions-needed and the typical capability to turn on the LED flash at the back of your mobile. There are also a variety of features accessible to turn your phone screen into a flashlight of different shape, colors, sizes, and patterns. It does include advertising but doesn’t hold the permissions essential to pass on any of your private information so that is a plus.

4) Flashlight by SimGears

This application by SimGears consists of a total of four widgets that you can put on your home screen and lock screen for trouble-free flashlight use. There is also incorporated functionality where the flashlight identifies that the device is now in your pocket and mechanically turns off the flashlight to save time and battery. The Flashlight stays on even after you lock your mobile screen. It does have advertisements but they can be disabled in the application settings if you get disturbed by their presence.

3) Flashlight – Mega Flashlight

Flashlight Mega Flashlight is another flashlight that operates with both your phone screen and the LED flash on the back. You can make the phone strobe in a mixture of tappings including urgent situations and Morse Code. It’s a very uncomplicated app and the application account openly makes clear why camera applications need camera permissions

2) TeslaLED Flashlight

If there was ever an application from ‘a trustworthy name’ it is the TeslaLED Flashlight. It is made by the same company who developed the Nova Launcher and the once in style WidgetLocker application. It includes a easy interface, a home screen widget that could also work as your theme, and a barebones consent list. There are also the typical screen features like strobing and Morse Code. It has not been restructured in a very long time (2011) but still works well with most cell phone devices. That means that if you find a bug you will almost certainly have to go to a different flashlight application.


1) Flashlight by Mobile Apps Inc

This Flashlight application is done well by Mobile Apps Inc. It has a great working interface, a incorporated SOS signal which you can use in time of need alongside a slider to strobe in extra samples. The application also comes with a compass if you are out in the wilds and want to make use of a flashlight and a compass at the same time.




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