Kanye West seems to have been attackes by cyber criminals, after the cyber terrorist group known as Anonymous initiated a contemptuous attack on the rapper, amongst which were mentions of his wife, Kim Kardashian, and his little daughter, North West.

On February 22, Anonymous took to YouTube to post a video: Anonymous – A Message to Mr. West, with a person, whose facial features were completely hidden, and a message which detailed why he and his gang have an issue with the rapper.

The recording, which came into consideration because of the report Secret Anonymous Idea, has already been seen over 150,000 times since it was posted.

In the about segment the group also explained when they had attacked Kanye West.

Their motive was to teach Kanye West a lesson on modesty, and accountability, because they thought that his actions were out of control, insincere, and impetuous.

Their account also makes a sharp allusion to Kanye West’s proceedings at the Grammys last month where he went up and broke up Beck’s speech after the singer had beaten Beyonce to a reward. West later insisted that if Beck appreciated artistic ability then he would give the Crazy In Love vocalist the gong.

Anonymous wrote that Kanye West needs to respect genuine artistic ability and let artists other than Beyonce to be noted for their accomplishments. They insisted that Kanye West owes Beck, Taylor Swift his fans, and the other people he hurt and let down an apology.

They then ended off by proclaiming that their tolerance with his arrogance and distasteful behavior to gain attention online has reached its end and they would be keeping a watch on him.

The video also made mention to not only Kanye West’s wife and daughter, Kim Kardashian and North West, but they also recognized the musician’s mother too, Donda West, who died in 2007.

The envoy, who was talking in a mechanized British accent, at first assaulted both West’s self-image and his work in the fashion industry, before he then declared that Kim Kardashian is only flourishing because of her sex video, and that her ascend sends the erroneous message to women everywhere as it affirms that it is okay for them to use their bodies to become prominent.


The video also persists that North West will feel the “consequences” of Kim’s “Break The Internet” viral movement, which saw naked photos she posed for with Paper Magazine movement for days.

Anonymous also taunts that Kanye’s mother would be embarrassed of their frolics, ironically stating, that his mom would have loved it and would have leaped right in the photo for her individual close-up.

It’s still not known how convincing or intimidating this attack on Kanye West is. This footage comes just a few months after hundreds of superstars found that their phones had been raided, while Sony Pictures is still stumbling from the hacking that saw many of its employees’ confidential mails exposed.



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