The world’s first Ubuntu phone – The Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition – will be made available at across Europe through a succession of Flash Sales over the upcoming months. The BQ Ubuntu smart phone, which places substance at the heart of the experience, is the ideal balance between cost and qualifications and will be of 169.90 Euros.


The present smart phone sales are dominated by iOS and Android, and they make it difficult for new manufacturers to launch themselves. The Windows Phone was launched a long time ago but it has still not been able to establish itself in the market. The problem that surrounds the ambitions of new operational systems is the need for a competent and accommodating app network. Without apps, consumers would not hold up the new OS. The Linux-supported open resource OS Ubuntu attempts to address this dilemma in a different way. The world’s first Ubuntu phone would not have applications. In their place, it will have a new consumer ecosystem called Scopes.


Ubuntu is a completely different model in cellular phone operating systems that the consumers can get to use before anybody else in the world. At BQ, diversity is supported in operating systems because it brings great advantages for the technological department and also for the consumer, who has the liberty to select.


Jane Silber, the CEO of Canonical, has praised the first Ubuntu smart phone and calls it an important landmark. It is bound to make an impression with the masses due to Scopes – Scopes are appropriate home screen control panels that are simpler and quicker to establish than the common inherent applications. Scopes are kind of an innovation of the cell phone consumer interface because they offer a more rapid way to access vital services like music, web pages, pictures etc. They achieve this by putting content from diverse suppliers together on the same screen. The photo Scope will introduce pictures from your mobile library as well as the Flickr and Picasa albums – all on one screen. While all the systems cause the applications to interrelate with consumers and give them services, Ubuntu has tried to present something unique. All the sugar coated words like material plan and tiled outline have been thrown out of the window with Ubuntu’s sense of something real and different with Scopes.


Ubuntu’s Scopes bring in a fresh experience for customers, a smarter dynamic environment for developers, and unparalleled demarcation opportunities for appliance producers and mobile phone carriers.


The slim design and four and a half inch screen of the 8GB Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition comes in the color black. It features a 5 mega pixel front camera and an 8 mega pixel back camera with auto focus and double flash and full HD (1080p) for a really sharp video. The rear camera is also fitted with premium quality BSI sensors and a Largan lens. It features a MediaTek Quad Core Cortex A7 mainframe working at up to 1.3 GHz and 1GB RAM to increase the rapidity and efficacy of the device.



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