For someone who is a techie or even a wee bit of tech savvy, the act of computer hacking is nothing short of a work of art.

For such people, watching a film based on the concept of computer hacking can be very inspiring and thrilling. Hollywood has often borrowed the character of a hacker for its stories in order to spice up its stories.

The target audience need not be hackers themselves but people who love technology and the ways that it has influenced our lives for better or for worse.

Some stories have really accomplished what they were meant for – Inspiring people to think and do what is apparently impossible. From secret agents to college dropouts to terrorists, these hackers seem to know no social, economic or academic boundaries. Here is a list of the top five movies that are based on hacking:


5) Die Hard 4:

Live Free or Die Hard Cyber terrorists try to hack FBI classified files wanting to steal valuable information and technological equipment owned by the US government. Bruce Willis as always turns out to become the saviour once again with the help of Justin Long and his team of hackers. This film is truly a great experience for computer geeks. Through this film they can really try to identify with the characters.




4) The Net:

The Net is a really good movie with a unique plot. Sandra Bullock playing the role of a stunning and gifted female computer expert named Angela Bennett falls prey to cyber espionage. As she leaves for vacation, she gets her hands on a disk that informs her that her identity has been deleted from every record. She struggles throughout an edge of the seat thriller in order to gain a new identity and ascertain the cause of such this disaster that changes her life.

hackers movies



3) Sneakers:

Sneakers deserve a third place for its unpredictable plot. Robert Redford (Martin Bishop) the head of a group of experts in the Government defence system falls for bribery by government agents and agrees to steal a box that has answers to decrypting any and every system in the world. There is a twist in the story of course. The agents seem to have hidden agendas of their own and Redford realises that they don’t work for the Government.




2) Tron:

If you fall for special effects, this is the movie that will drive you crazy. The basic plot of the movie revolves around the protagonist, a hacker, being dragged into the virtual world inside a computer where he is left to fight and die as a Gladiator. A security program is what helps him out of the Virtual Reality. The light and sound effects make this a critically acclaimed movie and one of the best in this genre.




1) War Games:

This movie has a plot that every computer lover fantasizes about. This is because of the simple reason that it demonstrates what a hacker can really do. United States develops a supercomputer WOPR to forecast nuclear embargo. A young hacker breaks into WOPR and mistakenly thinks of it as a computer game. His mistake almost starts a third world war. A cocktail of suspense, thrill and high class technology keeps a techie glued to the screen and feel every second of the plot.








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