You will be amazed to know that a large number of people have the desire to learn how to hack into websites.

With the increasing demand for information on hacking, there has been a large number of hacker forums propping up on the internet. However, with the changing trends and dynamics of the world, the only websites that continue to survive are the ones that keep up with the changing times and offer the best information on hacking.


A few of these are:


1 – Hacking Tutorial: Tech Tips and Hacking Tricks

Hacking Tutorial  has articles to offer which are “Client Side Attack Using Adobe PDF Escape EXE Social Engineering”, “Hacking Using Beef XSS Framework” and “Exploiting MS11_003 Internet Explorer Vulnerability”, which are succinct and extremely technological, but make the information extremely easy to follow by presenting it in stages. It’s not a very large blog, but it is a very effective one as you can discover a plethora of technical tricks by going through it.


2 – EvilZone Hacking Forums

Although the title, EvilZone, is not precisely the most welcoming title – the forum is simply one of the best forum on the theme of hacking. The forum has a large fan-base with over 13,042 members and over 50,000 posts (and counting), which proves that it can provide an answer to any programming question that you throw at it.


3 – Hack a Day

Hack a Day without doubt offers a remarkable store of knowledge on hacking, especially on particular subjects like cell phones, GPS or digital cameras. Over the course of a few years, Hack A Day has metamorphosed into a comparatively famous blog.

Over other sites, this specific “hacking” website is a little more hardware based. It provides information on how to hack gadgets like Game Boys or digital cameras, or on how to make new devices in order to hack into other electronics.


4 – Hack In The Box

Hack In The Box is one other website that has undergone a complete transfiguration and now looks like a Word Pressed-based forum. On a whole, Hack In The Box is a site which keeps in mind the ethical implications of hacking and stresses on safety measures and a fair way to hack. It has taken a different approach and focuses more on its content by providing readers with more news and less tips on hacking.

This makes it a less suitable forum to visit if you want technical hacking guidelines, but it is a great spot to visit for keeping up-to-date with latest hacking news.


5 – Hack This Site!

Finally we’ve come down to the coolest, free programmer instruction website where you can learn how to hack in the most easiest of ways!

The website makers offer multiple “missions,” through which you strive to understand the susceptibility of a website and then try to use your newly learned hacking skills to hack the site page.

This is the ultimate test, and if you manage to correctly hack any one of the tricky missions on this website, then you’ve certainly gained the tag of proficient hacker.



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