In this modern era, everything is online, even you can purchase your underwear too, so why not hackers?

But Don’t worry, this online service has been started by a website Hacker’s List, where you can post your hack along with the budget for your hack, means how much you can pay for the┬áhack, and if any hacker interested to hack for you, will accept the offer then BANG BANG :)

Till now, the site has had over 500 jobs of these types listed, and the great thing for a normal user is: All the conversations and offers will be done anonymously.

If your work done by the hacker, then the website will collect fees from you and your personal information will be kept like a FBI undercover Agent, Really-Read the Terms & Conditions.

Here are the steps to hire a Hacker:

Step 1: Register for a Hacker’s List account.
Step 2: Fill out your basic job needs and post your job requirements.
Step 3: Hackers from all over the world will post proposals on how to best accomplish your job.
Step 4: Choose the right Hacker for you based on price, skills and availability.
Step 5: Agree on pricing and make your first payment. Dont worry, Hacker’s List holds all payments untill your project is complete. You control when and to who your funds are released.

If you ever visited, so you will find it a copy of that, only the difference is about a professional work and a professional hack.

A number of hackers listed on the website provide hourly rates, ranging from $28 to $300.

Here are some of the projects posted by the users:

  • Whats app list and spy the phone : $500.00 to $2,000.00
  • Hack gmail account : $100.00 to $1,000.00
  • Hack Facebook account ASAP : $200.00 to $300.00
  • Hack iphone : $300.00 to $500.00

Whoever owns this website already keep away this website from laws, as it terms and conditions say:

In your use of our Service, you agree to act responsibly in a manner demonstrating the exercise of good judgment. For example and without limitation, you agree not to: violate any applicable law or regulation,
infringe the rights of any third party, including, without limitation, intellectual property, privacy, publicity or contractual rights,
use the information available through our Service for any unauthorized or unlawful purpose,
use the Service for any illegal purposes.

Means only you will be responsible for any future hack and from my point of view, On demand of the internal data by the Govt. the website will give your information to them.

Don’t know it will be a HIT or a Flop, Let’s see :) and Try this service at your own Risk ;)



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