Wall Street Journal reports that Google is planning to spend $1 billion or more for satellites that can be used in providing internet to different parts of the world that has no digital connections.

Google will be using 180 “small, high-capacity satellites”, which will track the Earth at lower altitudes according to the people who are familiar with this project. This project will be led by Mr. Greg Wyler, who will set up the satellite startup 03b Networks Ltd. Google is recruiting engineers from the Space System Loral LLC, says the Journal.

If this report is true, Wyler is creating a team of 10 to 20 individuals that will eventually report to Larry Page directly. This project is believed to be providing internet around the world without wired connections. The project cost will run from $1 to $3 billion, depending to the final size and design of the network. According to the Journal on their later phrase “could be double the number of satellites”.

Further information regarding this project is limited aside from these organizational details. However, this is not just the only drive of Google to deliver internet from the skies. Internet providing balloons is already a running test and Wi-Fi as well.

There are lots of unsuccessful attempts before to smother the world of internet via satellite because of the high cost. And if this report is accurate, Google will be working on a high profile projects to use satellites to connect around the world. Cost is not an issue for Page & CO since they have the means.

Opening the opportunity to unconnected locations around the world also opens up a lot of new markets for Google. Obviously, Google wants to have their products and services to be the default option for everyone. For now, we will just wait and see how it goes.



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