As Last year Anonymous Million Mask March went on the streets, now again in 2014 it is latest and heating up story that privacy concerns people, those who are against the infringement of their rights and people against austerity again uniting on coming Novermber 5th 2014.

Last year, on Bonfire Night more than 400 demonstrations held across the world, in which attendants wearing the Guy Fawkes mask which appeared in V for Vendetta. Guy Fawkes Mask is the primary trademark of the Million Mask March and if you also agree with the statements given by the group, so you can also find a place near by you and Join the Million Mask March on Nov 5th.

One of the message on the UK Anonymous website reads:

“In 2014, we will once again march on the Houses of Parliament in London, as will we in 2015, leading up to 2016 when November 5th falls on a Saturday! The standard has now been set, next year we will have bigger banners, louder voices, more fireworks, more people and a louder sound system!”

There is not any of confirmation that how many people are going to join this event, but this could be bigger than the previous year’s Million Mask March.

I also find out a video on YouTube claiming to be the default Anon’s Nov5th official video, in which some of the links of the websites are given through which you can locate a place near by you, where the event going on:

Global Event Map ➤
UK Website ➤
London event page ➤
Washington DC event page ➤
‘Official’ Fb event page ➤

One of the videos says about the Nov 5th Anonymous event:

“November 5th is a day of international rebellion against oppressive governments, on this day, Anonymous UK will unite with the world wide collective and take to the streets for a protest like none that has ever been seen in history.”

Last year, one of the protesters in Portland was arrested after he allegedly threw an egg at an officer:

The Day is not too far, we will update this post in future, if we get some more info about the event.

You can also see some of the pics related to the last year’s Million Mask March event.

If you really going in the event, so comment below too.

Official website of the Million Mask March event:-



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