This is an important news for the Sony Xperia smartphones’ users as something revealed after which you are not going to use your Xperia to save your personal stuff.

Just read the whole news carefully, as you can get rid of this too.

Recently from various people’s independent research, it has came in front that a Virus named Baidu is inside the Sony Xperia smartphones which is sending or pinging to the servers at Beijing in China.

First you should read which one is affected by this virus:

Any of the Sony Smartphone either the Android 4.4.2 or 4.4.4 KitKat version, even if you haven’t installed any third party application, it is default and you are not able to delete it mannually.

You can also check a folder named Baidu in your Sony Smartphone, if you find that—You are infected with the Spyware which pings to server in China.

Not much information till now is revelaed about the process of the Spyware, what it actually do with your smartphone, but according to the independent research of the various users it has been revealed that it can:

  • Read status and identity of your device
  • Make pictures and videos without your knowledge
  • Get your exact location
  • Read the contents of your USB memory
  • Read or edit accounts
  • Change security settings
  • Completely manage your network access
  • Couple with bluetooth devices
  • Know what apps you are using
  • Prevent your device from entering sleep mode
  • Change audio settings
  • Change system settings

This Baidu is also famous on the various forums and users are discussing about their experiences with the Baidu :)

Users while talking on the forums also said that Chinese government is Spying on the users through the spyware and able to take pictures and make videos without the consent of the user.

One of the user on Reddit commented:

Just unpacked my Sony Z3 compact, haven’t installed a single app and its connecting to China. I am not so concerned about the folder itself but my phone now has a constant connection to an IP address in Beijing which I am not too happy about.”

[highlight]Wait! if your are going to buy the Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact[/highlight] because they too are infected with the Baidu Spyware, but you are lucky you are here, as now I am going to tell you how to get rid of the Baidu Spyware, To Stop Baidu or Delete it completely read the details below:

  1. Backup your important data and factory reset the device.
  2. Turn on the device and go to Settings -> Apps -> Running and Force stop both “MyXperia” apps.
  3. Then remove the baidu folder using File Kommander app.
  4. Go to Settings -> About Phone -> Click 7 times on the Build Number to enable developer mode.
  5. Download or Install the Android SDK on your computer and then connect the Sony device to it using USB cable.
  6. Run the adb tool terminal : adb shell 
  7. In adb shell, type the command: pm block
  8. Exit adb shell
  9. Reboot the device.

Company said, they are going to fix it in the next release, so till the next release use the steps abpve or Do not use the phone for personal or confidential purposes.

If you too find out the Baidu Folder in your smartphone, comment with the pic below



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