Last Week, Anonymous hackers threatened the Chinese government to leak the data from the government websites and take them down, as Anonymous supports the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

Now, Anonymous does the same thing as they said— Hundreds of phone numbers, names, IP addresses and email addresses from Chinese government websites have been leaked online by the Anonymous group of members worldwide.

An Operation dubbed ‘Operation Hong Kong’ started by the Anonymous hackers last week, in which hackers stated government to leak governments’ confidential data and to shut down the websites through Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

After the direct warning of Anonymous hackers to the government, the promises of hackers were refused by the government and shortly after that, personal details from the Ningbo Free Trade Zone in Zhejiang province and a job-search site were released by the group.


“We cannot be with you on the streets. We cannot fight the police that are arresting you. But they cannot arrest an idea,”.

“We have effectively hacked and shutdown government websites and their supporters. Some noticeable Chinese and Hong Kong government domains and networks have already acquired American services for their domains.”

The group claims that such actions by the Chinese government prove that the attacks carried out “cannot be handled” and that the involvement of US-based providers prove that US corporations are complicit in supporting Beijing policy.

The threatning policy used by the Anonymous for the government started this October, with the video titled “The time has come for democracy for the citizens of Hong Kong.

In the meantime, upto 5 five members have been arrested related to group Anonymous for this cyber attack.



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