This is not the old story that “NSA is spending lots of money on softwares that spying on the people,” and here is a latest example of this, when it was revealed by the documents leaked by WikiLeaks that Police has spent $2.5 MILLION on advanced spyware and hacking software to track phones and computers.

WikiLeaks named The New South Wales Police Force, which is using advanced hacking software to keep on eye on the users during investigations, according to the document published Monday.

The documents show that Police has spent $2.5 MILLION on a software which is able to spy on the users machine, that after installation able to log keystrokes and take screenshots.

It is also said that some of the versions of the software able to remotely capture Skype and instant-messenger conversations and also able to access microphones and web-cam.

NSW Police have nine licences for different kind of softwares which includes FinSpy and FinFly, in the past three years, according to the documents.

You know one thing, Five of the Nine licences are remain valid.

Police spokesperson decline to comment upon this issue. For your general information, NSW police able to remotely monitor the victim computer under warrant.

None of the other security agencies named in the documents. It is believed that these documents are the result of the hacking attack in August.

The software has previously been criticised for enabling oppressive regimes to spy on dissidents.



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