This is an ultimate hacking story, since I am writing about the news and examining the hacking worldwide, as this hack is something which can be done by a normal person too.

There is a Canadian who has the servers, which has a pile of data for Ernst & Young’s customers, stored on servers, actually those servers were bought in back 2006, its a long time, but the man checked for the data now and claimed to have it and want money to release it or give it back to the company.

Ernst & Young is a multinational professional services firm headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It was the third largest professional services firm in the world.

The Canadian is the owner of a used-computer dealership in Calgary.

Morris (The Canadian who has the data) thinking of $50,000 in retrun of the data, according to Morris, data is stored in various devices.

As of last week, Mark Morris was sort of, well, holding that data ransom, more or less, until the global consultancy ponied up for its return.

Is Data Real?

It is also being questioned over the data, is it real? Network World reports that nobody’s even sure whether the breach is real or just the figment of Morris’s imagination.

Court Documents submitted by the Morris claims that he found a treasure trove of data associated with Ernst & Young’s clients, which is inside in one of the two servers he bought up for $300.

Morris also informed the Canadian privacy commision about the breach.

He also said that when he first contacted the Ernst & Young in March 2014, the company demanded to get back the servers, BUT he replied “I do not work for free.”
He personally contacted the site, to tell about the data he has:

…hundreds of companies’ financials, nondisclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements, personnel files for their employees with social insurance numbers, applicants’ resumes with social insurance numbers.

If it is true, then it could be a huge loss and may be hackers also able to contact the man and offer him a good ransom for the data.

Morris also denied to provide any proof, such as screenshot, video. I have submitted the proofs in court, he said.



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