According to a recent disclosure by a government security team researchers, Health and Human Services (HHS) server that supports the Obamacare website was infected with a Malware.

The HHS said that the Malware was designed to launch “denial of service” attacks against other websites, still the good news is —none of the evidence proves that there is such a leak of any personal information to the hackers.

Hackers actually not targeted the Obamacare website directly, they infected the server of that website, on which it rely upon.

This critical information released by HHS on Thursday, it said this malware actually got inside the server in July and was discovered on August 25 during a routine review of security logs.

The IP Address behind the malware was traced to a foreign one and it is not believed to be a state behind the Malware.

Just after the information about the breach came out, HHS leadership and other officials contacted and notified others about this. The Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team (U.S.-CERT) helped respond to the hack.

“We have taken measures to further strengthen security,” HHS said in a statement.

In the meantime, The Hacked server has been disconnected and there is not any danger from now to use the website.

A complete review of the hack is being done by the officials right now and HHS is taking “proactive steps” to protect the

Millions of Americans in the past year signed up for health insurance plans through, after submitting personal information like Social Security numbers and financial information to the website.



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