It is said to be a phone that is more stronger than the decryption method used by spies agencies like NSA, GCHQ and others, but this time hackers proved that Nothing is impossible and hacked the Blackphone in just 5 minutes.

Blackphone released earlier this year.

Yes, dude, they hacked that phone in just 5 minutes, so I think, NSA would be able to hack this in just a minute :p

As, the phone software is a modified Android OS version termed ‘PrivatOS’ that is forked from Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, to provide multiple security tools/options, so developers hacked the Android to make this and hackers hacled an Android again.

I am 100% sure, till now nothing is happening instead of claiming a powerful security after the NSA Spying programs. After the truths and motive behind the NSA disclosed by the Former NSA Employee Edward Snowden, many of the apps, emails, and many more stuff released in the name of NSA proof security, but none of them seems to be working perfectly and can defeat the hackers or spy agencies to break that.

Blackphone is also said to be the world’s most secure Android phone, @TeamAndIRC hacked the Blackphone in five minutes at the recent Defcon Hacking conference.

About the Hack?

According to the group, they were able to hack the Blackphone and found two issues with the phone:

1. First issue was exploited by gaining access to the Android Debug Bridge (ADB)
2. Second issue was exploited by executing a chain of commands to obtain confidential data, by obtaining shell access.

However, the second issue has reportedly been fixed, and the first issue regarding opening up ADB is reportedly not a vulnerability, and the ADB was earlier closed (disabled) to prevent bugs.

Blackphone is the invention of Geeksphone and Silent Circle.

Hope they are doing their best to serve a better security, but I want to say—they should use every technique themselves to hack the phone, so they better would find the loopholes.



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