Recently an Indian hacker named Sahoo Indian messaged us about the hack of Subdomain of MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology website and after the message, he disappeared, we also sent an offline message to learn, why the website is the victim of his hacking skills :)

Hacked and Defaced website reads:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) g0t 0wned!!! Shocked???

Indian Hacker ~SaHoo~ was here!!!


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, founded in 1861 in response to the increasing industrialization of the United States

As per the message sent by the hacker, it is clear that there is not something seroud about the hack, he just want to inform about the weak security of the website.

None of the information stolen from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology website server, but this will take down the image of a high profile Insitute website.


We also took a screenshot when the website was hacked

At the time of publishing this news, the website was still hacked and defaced.

UPDATE (21 August 2014): The same hacker again moved up to another website, this time Stanford website hacked and defaced as the same web page the hacker named Sahoo used in the last hack of Massachusetts Institute of Technology website.

Sahoo hacked the website:

Stanford website hacked

At the time of updating this news, the website was still hacked and defaced with the same webpage as you can see above.



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