It is already being in question that Google is a controversial company after the NSA Spying threats, sometimes it was also said that Google has some secret relationship with NSA, but as the time passes, answers of these secret questions given by Google and through denying all the allegations.

Now, Google again being questioning over the tracking the user footprints through its service Google Maps, which can exploit your LIVE position, where are you? and along with the Live position it also save the record on daily basis and shows in a map through Red Dots.

How you are being tracked?

It is only possible, if you are carrying your smartphone along with you and enabled to use the location services. Now a days it is not possible to walk around or go somewhere without a smartphone and sometimes for an application to keep working we need to enable our location services, so that’s it, everything starts from your setting in the smartphone.

How to check I am being tracked?

If you want to check yourself, about the tracking, so just sign in with your google account and go here.

“You can yourself check your every move from here. You just need to log in with the same account you use on your Smartphone, that’s it. The map will display all the records of everywhere you’ve been for the last day to month on your screen,” Elizabeth Flux, editor of Voiceworks magazine, who actually heated up this issue worldwide, wrote on website.

Location is that key that can exploit your complete life, that means your privacy is in Google Hands, and I personally think we should not give away our privacy to one. So, if you are worried about your exploiting location, so you should change your privacy setting of your smartphone.

Google has also its one more service related to the Location, by which a user can authenticate another person to see his/her location, where actually he/she is? This service was criticised in 2009, but still it is in working mode.

How to disable the location?

Select Settings > Privacy > Location and then untick the box next to Use my location.



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