Here is a news that is awesome for Former NSA Employee Edward Snowden, but a bitter truth for US Spy Agency NSA, as now Snowden has been granted three years more asylum in Russia, Snowden’s lawyer Anatoly Kucherena said on Thursday. “He has got a three-year residence permit starting from August 1,” Kucherena told a news conference.

Snowden is 31-year-old Whistelblower that has really made it hard for NSA to stop more future truths from coming out, and always US tries to get back the Snowden, like recently Russia MP’s son Roman Seleznyov, 30, was arrested at Male international airport and MP claimed that US wants to make a deal to exchange Snowden with his Son.

Snowden has not applied for Russian Citizenship for now, as it is eligible after five years of asylum in Russia.

“A foreign citizen, who got a residence permit, will certainly be able to apply for citizenship,” Kucherena said.

“He will be able to travel freely within the country and go abroad. He’ll be able to stay abroad for not longer than three months,” Kucherena added.

Snowden permit to stay in Russia has already been expired on July 31.

Snowden is the man, who uncovered the truth behind the investigation of Most Powerful and Secret Agency [National Security Agency] NSA, he was a employee over there in the organization, and he thinks different from others, as it is not a justifed Organization, because it breaks the law for its investigation, in which breaking the security of one’s privacy is one of the biggest thing being done by the NSA.

Last year, June 23 is the day, when Snowden arrived Russia, where he disclosed many leaks of NSA from there and still NSA trying to Stop him through various techniques, but he is a bit smart than NSA :)



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