Anonymous Hack Israel

After damaging thousands of websites of Israel under #OpSaveGaza, again the heat is up for the hacking operation against Israel and world wide Anonymous group of hackers have taken down various Israeli Govt. websites.

After taking down “hundreds” of portals, websites—those run by Mossad and the IDF also targeted by Anonymous group.

Why #OpSaveGaza?

This hacking operation launched by hackers over military incursion into Gaza. This incursion had been started about a month ago, and from the day, Israel’s thousands of websites have been targeted by hackers.

Ministry of Justice, the state archive portal, and even the national advertising agency claimed by the group to have hacked via DDoS Attack. Most of the websites were started working within hours, but some of them still were not working at the time of publishing the post.

One of the Anonymous hacker on twitter with handle @AnonymousGlobo tweeted:

“We are attacking the government of Israel more .. Israel you’re weak! :(“

As there is not much knowledge need for a DDoS Attack, just you have to send fake request in bulk to take down the server and that is called a Denial of Service Attack. For the DDoS Anonymous also calling all the hackers to unite and launch ddos against the Israeli websites. I personally say many tweets which commanding their own DDoS Tool, by which an attacker just need to enter a website online and that’s it the machine has been converted into a DDoS Bomb.

“Anons are more protective of their profiles… governments are far more against truths being exposed and their dirty laundry being aired, more so than ever… Previously anon has been very public with its activities. The case is much different now,” AnonOps, another group within the movement, told Vice.

Some of the updates, we reported during the time, when the #OpSaveGaza was on its peak:

7/21/2014: Anonghost claimed to hack the various websites and leaked login credentials of about 175 users, don’t know they are still working or no, but we can’t refuse their claim as they already hacked more than 2000 websites under the hacking operation.

7/23/2014: Just few hours ago, AnonGhost team, the group of hackers which already hacked more than 2000 websites of Israel, claimed to hack Biggest Bank system of Israel, and to prove that, a screenshot tweeted from official twitter account of Group:

You can switch to the Full Damage List post HERE.

If you want to update us regarding any hack, or you are from a Hacker group and going to conduct a hack, Contact us NOW. We are here to cover you :)



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