Anonymous the worldwide hacktivist group calling everyone for a state-wide general strike for this Friday, 29 August.

This strike is a tribute and for justice for a young boy named Michael Brown, who was died after shooting in Ferguson, Missouri. It was later disclosed by the Anonymous group of hackers, that in the shoot a policeman involved, but name was not disclosed.

Anonymous released some of the audio clips to provide enough information about the culprit officer.

Dubbed the “Hands Up & Walk Out” General Strike, Anonymous is calling on all student and workers to “take a day off” in order to organise protests across the State of Missouri.

“The State of Missouri continues to ignore the demands of the people for reform and justice. And so the time has come to take our fight to the next level. We hereby call a Statewide General Strike in Missouri this Friday August 29th for one day,” Anonymous said in a statement.

As always Anonymous come in front to reveal the truth behind the story, now it is also something like that, just wait and watch, what will be the result of this operation Ferguson which Anonymous has started.

In demand and to install a special operation against the Brutal Police Officer, a twitter account has been specially made for this with the twitter handle @OpFerguson (#OpFerguson).

It is Only Beginning:

This is only the beginning. If the righteous demands of the people and Anonymous are not met, the General Strikes will continue, become longer – and will be expanded to include the entire USA. This is no longer about “no justice, no peace” – now it’s about “no justice, no profit”. There will be reform and justice and an end to the killing or we will together shut down the entire country.



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