First time, I see a contest for hacking the Internet Anonymity service ‘Tor‘ which is being used by most of the privacy concern people right now, to save their privacy from various spies or cyber-criminals.

Russia is offering amount of $110,000 to that first person who able to crack the Tor users’ anonymity, well I found it like a fun, because to participate in this competition you have to spend $5,500.

$5,500 is a big amount for a normal person and if 20 players will take part in this hack, then the cost given the participants itself collects the winning amount, and if more than 20 players will take part, then Russian Government is going to make a huge profit via this.

Tor is a network or a suite of tools developed by the U.S Navy, which helps to encrypt the traffic and hide the location and other services that makes hard to spy on the Tor user.

Russia has the fifth-largest number of Tor users with more than 210,000 people making use of it, according to the Guardian.

It is also revealed in the documents provided by the Edward Snowden that previously NSA and British Spy Agency GCHQ tried to the crack the Tor Network but failed.

Mostly the Tor network used by the privacy concerns like journalists and law enforcement officers, but this Network also being used for Illegal activities includes drug deals, sale of child abuse images.

A Notice about the competition by The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) posted here on its official procurement website, last date of the competition is August 20.

One thing more interesting here— Only Russian people can apply for this Tor Hacking Program.

Earlier this month, Two Hackers claim to break the Anonymity of TOR in $3,000 at Black Hat 2014, which is going to held next month on Las Vegas.

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