Many revelations come out from the Former NSA Employee Edward Snowden regarding the NSA truths, but this one is different and is personally related to all of us.

In an interview of Snowden given to the to the Guardian, discussing—other issues about the NSA, it is revealed by him that there is a shocking culture at the National Security Agency (NSA) of sharing “sexually compromising” images of people.

Well, this is actually and 100% out of the Law, may be they using for their personal use, you know what i am saying for, but the reality is we can’t do anything and no one in the world, just we can take some security steps to disconnect their every connection from us.

Editor Alan Rusbridger and journalist Ewan MacAskill took this shocking Interview and revealed the Truth.

There is a culture of sharing intimate and “sexually compromising” material harvested from unwitting surveilled citizens at the spy agency, and is considered one of the “fringe benefits of surveillance positions.” Describing a situation in which one intelligence operative shows such an image to another, and sends it round the office, Rusbridger pressed him on whether he’s seen this happen personally. “Absolutely,” Snowden says.

“It’s routine enough … depending on the company you keep, it’s more or less frequent.” Nobody ever finds out about these invasions—which are almost certainly violations of official NSA policy—because the auditing process is “incredibly weak.”

Right now, Snowden residing at undiclosed place in Russia and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has offered to fly him home to stand trial.

Here is Video released of the Interview from the Guardian:



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