Now, Hackers have a chance to win $10,000 who can hack the Tesla Motors Inc’s (TSLA) software security systems.

Beijing: From July 16 to July 17 at the SyScan Conference this hacking event is being organized, Hackers have to run their mind more faster than the Tesla Model S and hack it to win $10,000, but if the hack is genuine.

According to the organizers, Hackers have to use the in-car touch screen to surf the Internet and manipulate the vehicle’s control remotely through a device or a computer.  explains more about this new electronic filed car:

The Model S boasts a sophisticated software system that runs through an interactive 17-inch multimedia screen that controls the vehicle. The high-tech electric sedan is constantly connected to the internet through the user’s smartphone, a feature that also allows the user to track the vehicle, lock and unlock it, and check the remaining amount of electric battery charge.

If there is a technology then, there must be a hack for it, and that is true, as this car is fully electronic and automated, so hacking attempts also will be make vulnerable the devices being used like, your smartphone connected to the car, and as it is automated, the Final touch of hacker will be take full control of the Tesla Model S.

“These new cars, especially hybrids, have a lot more software in them that has to be updated – these paths haven’t really been probed yet by hackers, I assume for any electric car there’s a huge amount of software to optimize and control things,” John Pescatore, director for emerging security trends at The SANS Institute told Fox News.

The main goal of the company to organize this event is for safety of people and learn something more from hackers.

Earlier this year, The company hired former Apple security guru Kristin Paget.

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