Starting of June this year was the end of the most sophisticated malware named “Gameover, Gameover Zeus or GOZ” that infected million of machines with a Malware that encrypts the files on the system and demands a ransom to decrypt that, the team behind this malware earned more than $100 Millions through encrypting and decrypting files of innocent users’.

BUT, According to news from various sources online, the malware seen online again, an email demo was showed by Sophos Lab about, how the spammy mail looks like, that include the code similar to Gameover Botnet and infecting users from a new type of spam emails campaign:

GoZeus Spam Mail sample

What is a Botnet?

Botnet said to be very effective than any other hacking techniques, as it works automatically and don’t need any authentication or presence of attacker every time—if once installed.

You can say these are types of zombies, because it affects one system to another—then another one to some another one, and the chain continues till the GameOver.

What a Botnet can do for hackers?

If a Botnet installed on your system, then it will infect other computers in your network or you connect online to other systems via chat, email or any other services.

Hackers can also send commands to botnet infected computers at the same time to do as they want, botnet infected systems also can be used to launch a DDoS Attack, clicking on ads to generate revenue for hackers, and of course encrypt your complete system too.

The above attacks from Botnet infected computers are hard to stop, as the innocent user don’t know about any malicious activity going on from his/her system.

Gameover has scrambled most of its text messages (strings, in programming parlance) using a custom algorithm that has been the same since the source code to the original Zeus was leaked in 2011, Sophos writes.

This algorithm and the string table is still present in this new version and we can see that the decrypted strings are the same as those in earlier Gameover variants, it added.

A complete report on the latest re-Gameover Malware published on Sophos Blog HERE.

One thing you must do to secure your systems, always keep an Antivirus Program running on your system and stay safe and connected to us :)



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