I have reported about many email encryption services released after the NSA Spying cases, and most of them released only for the purpose to defeat NSA, so today one more email encryption service has came to save your confidential emails from the snooping eyes.

A new project called Dark Mail will hide your metadata, as others do, but one thing that makes it unique and special is —you can use this service to send a mail to a another mail service provider too, as generally in other email encryption service, you recipient must use the same email encryption service.

Email Metadata is also known as Email Header, Makeuseof explained in a post about this:

An email header is a collection of information that documents the path by which the email got to you. There may be a lot of information in the header or just the basics. There is a standard for what information should be included in a header, but not really a limit to what information an email server might put into the header. If you are curious about what a standard for an email protocol looks like, check out RFC 5321 – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It’s a bit hard on the head, especially if you don’t need to know this stuff.

In simple words it all includes of every email in a raw format, like you can see in your gmail mail too, click on down arrow at the right side of a mail, and click on show original:
show original in gmail

After clicking on the Show Original, you will get the the raw mail content with its complete information including date, ip address, time:

show original content

Meet the Founder:

This Email encryption project is made by Texas technologist Ladar Levison and convicted hacker Stephen Watt, whom he’s hired to help develop the code.

Both founders have different stories of being a victim of government rules, last year Ladar Levison who is founder of Lavabit was under government pressure, and for finally he closed his pro-privacy encrypted email business last year rather than submit to government demands to hand over the private SSL keys for his email service.

Lavabit was shutdown to stop or decrypt traffic that passed between Lavabit customers, including NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden—and the Lavabit web site.

“I’m hoping that if I put the base that is Dark Mail in place, people will be able to build more secure alternatives on top of it,” Levison says.

“If it weren’t for my own life and legal circumstances, I would have probably continued to harbor strong views on these issues and never have done anything about them,” he says. “If I were still working on Wall Street today and somebody told me the job description [for this], I would have undoubtedly said somebody needs to do that, with it being implicit that that somebody is not me. But circumstances are different now.”

Hope, you will enjoy this one more strong email encryption service, but before you do, prepare yourself from other hackers, choose a strong password for your online accounts now.

Dark Mail official website:



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