ATM Hacked! how it sounds, seems very kicking for all of us, as we all use ATM as a part of life, but this time ATM hacked to play Doom game, which is a 1993 science fiction horror-themed first-person shooter video game by id Software.

I too was amazed after seeing the video shown above uploaded by the inventors on YouTube, Australian Genius named ‘Aussie50 or Ed Jones’ made this ATM a Gaming Zone, where you can select weapons, control the full game through the ATM controllers.

Ed gave credit to his partner in crime, Julian, for sorting “the software, wiring and logic side”.

In the video comments published over YouTube, Ed commented that he turned the Original PIN pad into a controller and using the side panel to select weapons.

At the end of the game, your score will be printed through the receipt printer of the ATM :)

How funny hacking is that, really interesting, even I think Ed should convert all the ATMs into a Gaming Zone too, so one can play a Game after the use of ATM.

Upon questioning on install modern games such as Minecraft, on ATMs, Ed replied that he wanted to stick with the original manufacturers hardware.

“I could upgrade the hell out of it and play modern games, but that defeats the purpose of using all of its OEM (original equipment manufacturer) hardware with minimal modification. It lacks a PCI-E slot, so a subtle video card and RAM upgrade is not possible,” he responded.

Aussie50 and Julian have an interest in playing Doom with very unconventional methods, that they even managed to rig it on a large LED billboard, which is shown in this video.



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