Today, i met with an online Map service which shows the Live Status of CyberAttacks being launched from where and who is the target of that attack, and i found that online map like a Game.

The Difference only is—It seems that some another player launching missiles on targets, and it was really entertaining + keeping me update about the latest cyberattacks being launched.

A cybersecurity firm named ‘Norse’ specializing in “Live Dark Intelligence” creates this Interactive Online map which shows the Live Status of cyberattacks.

The Map shows countries trading color-coded attacks, as well as much information about the home countries of the attacker, which includes:

  • Attack Location
  • Attack IP
  • Attack Type (Service+Port)

At the time of writing this post, United States was the No.1 Target of CyberAttackers, most of the attacks towards US were coming from various places in China.

Recently US charged Chinese officials against the hacking and Spying of US companies to acquire trade secrets, but China denied about the cyberattacks and blamed US about the Spying on people via NSA Prism operation which was disclosed by Former NSA Employee Edward Snowden.

And i am still watching it Live, below is a video i captured.



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