From Today UK’s National Crime Agency urging people to take opportunity of two-weeks to take down the infrastructure of two malware families GoZeuS and CryptoLocker.

GoZeuS and CryptoLocker:

These are two Malware that already infected more than 15,500 computers in the UK, which is generally spread as a malicious attachment in an email. Once downloaded it links the victim’s computer to a peer-to-peer network of other infected machines, known as a botnet.

Cryptolocker then lock your personal files and folders and demands a ransom [one Bitcoin (£200-£300/ around $300-$500) ] to unlock them.

This is part of one of the largest industry and law enforcement collaborations attempted to date. Activity in several countries, led by the FBI in the US, has weakened the global network of infected computers, meaning that action taken now to strengthen online safety can be particularly effective, NCA said.

GOZeuS (also known as P2PZeuS) has been assessed as being responsible for the fraudulent transfer of hundreds of millions of pounds globally.

Why Infecion of this Botnet increasing?

This is because, it is could be behind a real-looking links or attachments sents in email, the most important thing is—the person you know sending you that malware and he/she doesn’t know about, it is working like a Silent Bomb.

Important Information for UK Users:

Individuals in the UK may receive notifications from their Internet Service Providers that they are a victim of this malware and are advised to back up all important information – such as files, photography and videos. Businesses should also test their incident responses and business resilience protocols and work with their IT departments or suppliers to educate employees on the potential threat.

NCA is also urging users to keep their systems up to date and can check some tips and tools to detect the Malware HERE.

It’s not fair :(

The Link NCA provided above to take some tips and tools to detect Malware is down and not working at the time of writing, we checked that Link HERE.



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