The Famous Hacking group from Turkey named ‘TheRedHack’ now being annoyed by the Twitter with its take down service, as their official twitter account handle @TheRedHack has been suspended by Twitter.

Twitter time-to-time use this service for those twitter handles which share something illegal or like that.

What usually @TheRedHack was sharing?

As i personally read many tweets from @TheRedHack, it was totally against government and was being used to share government internal and confidential hacks, some of the news we covered related to RedHack:

Upon watching their updates and hacks, this is true that TheRedHack is an Anti-Govt Hacking group, as it only hacked Turkish Govt. stuffs, but the reason is WHY? find the answer below:

Right now, tweets are coming from the @RedHack_EN and from their supporters that @TheRedHack account only shared the realities and corruption of the fascist Turkish government.

Upon talking with us, the group also claims that this could be a Conspiracy by Turkish Govt. as Twitter had some agreement with them.

Twitter has a duty to respect freedom of expression and sharing information. We hope they will reinstate the account asap, Group added.

Group requested @Twitter for ReInstate the account, let’s see what is the next move by TheRedHack or Twitter.

If we find some more info further about this, we will update this post.

UPDATE: Now, Twitter has returned back the twitter account to The RedHack that was blocked earlier today, Group updated us too why they were blocked:

The main account is unlocked again. Reason for locking: sharing content on twitter about the emails and their content of the former Minister of the Interior Muammer Güler.



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