On 2nd June 2014, we reported that UK Govt. security agency issued a notification about the two malware that infected more than 15,500 computers in the UK and rest of them in worldwide and the team behind that earned more than $100 Millions, on the same day FBI also issued a statement online regarding to busting of team behind the most sophisticated malware.

A Russian man named ‘Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev’ of Anapa charged with hacking, fraud and money-laundering, and court documents suggested they suspect he wrote Zeus, one of the most effective pieces of theft software ever found.

In the documents submitted by FBI in the court on Monday, the man was already believed to be from Russia.

To increase the effectiveness of such attacks, the Defendants use GOZ to inject additional code into victims’ web browsers that changes the appearance of the websites victims are viewing, FBI said in documents.

GoZeus Disrupted after efforts:

Authorities from nearly a dozen countries worked with private security agencies to wrest control of the network of the infected machines through the GoZeus Malware.

More about GOZeus (GameOver Zeus):

Between 500,000 and 1 million machines worldwide were infected with the malicious software, which was derived from the original “Zeus” trojan for stealing financial passwords that emerged in 2006.

In Addition of the Malicious software, one more malware was installed on the machines named ‘Cryptolocker,’ which lock files and folders on your computer and demands a ransom [one Bitcoin (£200-£300/ around $300-$500) ] to unlock them. It (Cryptolocker) alone infected more than 234,000 machines and won $27 million in ransom payments in just its first two months, the Justice Department said.

By the use of two malware programs the GOZeus Crew earned more than $100 Million, including $198,000 in an unauthorized wire transfer from an unnamed Pennsylvania materials company and $750 in ransom from a Police department in Massachusetts :) because their investigative files were encrypted.

GOZeus and Cryptolocker were highly sophisticated:

These programs were distributed through peer-to-peer network, where thousands of computers could reinfect and update each other, said Dell expert Brett Stone-Gross, who assisted the FBI.

GOZeus Author Arrested?

Russian Man ‘Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev’ of Anapa is behind the sophisticated Malware, but the question is— Will Russia handover him to US or to any other country, so the answer is NO. Russia does not extradite accused criminals to other countries, so Bogachev may never be arrested.

We have recently seen the case of Chinese Officials who hacked into the US Companies for Trade Secrets were only charged and not arrested, even US got an angry response from Chinese authorities.

VIA: Reuters | FBI



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