iBanking Malware
Source: Symantec

Premium Android malware iBanking which used to be available for $5.000, can be found free of charge after a leaked version appeared on the Internet in February. As this version is spreading due to its advanced features, especially through the Russian hackers, Symantec is expecting a growing activity of the attacks using this tool.

Following the installation, iBanking can permit frauds to access your data stored on the device, contacts, file system, as well as intercepting calls or SMS / MMS comunication. The user can also be prevented from deleting certain apps or restoring factory settings to the device.

iBanking can be controlled remotely through an Internet connection or through SMS’s if the device is not online at that moment.

Due to the fact that Android apps often reach the Google Play store without being checked by Google, it makes sense that since February 99% of mobile malware targeted Android, reported by F-Secure earlier this month.

Thanks to its ability to be customized to look like official apps of banks or social networks, the 2013 made iBanking is one of the most expensive tools on the hacking market, according to Symantec.

The malware code was supposedly discovered from mistake by ‘ReVOLVeR’, a  Russian cyber criminal, on a server where he found also the administrator passwords for the BBC website. Another hacker took the code and posted it online for free, under the nickname ‘Rome0’.

While the professional hacker groups will continue to pay for the iBanking’s regular updates, technical support and patches, the new cyber criminals will use the free leaked version even if it has vulnerabilities and missing features.

Security expert Symantec strongly advises users to keep their firewall and antivirus updated in order to keep iBanking out of their system. Also, for your safety, it’s not recommended to download anything that comes as a link on SMS or email.

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