piratebay browser

The PirateBrowser is a software presented by Pirate Bay to repay its users with the occasion of its 10 year anniversary. It allows people to bypass the censorship present in many countries, without having to use a proxy site or other circumvention tool.

The Firefox based browser uses the Tor network to bypass people’s locations. The fact that this software permitted them to avoid the censorship appealed to a wide audience, judging by thelarge number of downloads right from the start.

With more than 500.000 downloads per month, recently it has been reported by The Pirate Bay team that more than 5 million people downloaded a copy of PirateBrowser.

The software had not received any updates since it was first introduced, but this will not be the case in the future. In the weeks that will come, The Pirate Bay team will issue a couple of new releases which intros support also for social media sites, to help people access them also in countries in which they are banned.

Lists of blocked sites per country will also be introduced in the new updates, in order to use proxy redirection only when it’s needed.

The Pirate Bay team’s efforts to defeat censorship doesn’t stop here as they are developing a separate app powered by BitTorrent, permitting users to store and share The Pirate Bay on their PC. The new app will create a P2P network through which the site could be accessed without censorship problems.

This way, The Pirate Bay will remain online through this “P2P Browser” even if the main Pirate Bay servers are down. We don’t have any ETA on this second project but it will take at least a few more months of development.




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