NSA Listening to every phone calls in Afghanistan

WikiLeaks—An Organization which is made for only Controversial stuff again revealed something like that, according to them The National Security Agency records the entire content of every phone call in Afghanistan.

All other News Agencies including The Intercept (Media Organization) and the Washington Post reported the Afghanistan as “Country X” because revealing the name would likely lead to violence and loss of lives, BUT WikiLeaks disclosed the name from their own sources (May be someone is sending them copies of Classified documents.) :)

What was the report?

On Monday, a Media Organization ‘The Intercept’ which is founded by journalists with access to the classified documents leaked by the Edward Snowden said—NSA records all cell phone calls in the Bahamas and one unnamed country (which is named Country X.) The Intercept itself choose not to release the name of the country (due to “credible concerns that doing so could lead to increased violence.”)

WikiLeaks responded to The Intercept’s report by criticizing the decision to redact the country’s name and said it would do so itself 72 hours later.

This is really a shocking news that someone also able to obtain classified documents after Snowden and yes that is WikiLeaks, looks like someone gave copy of those classified documents to WikiLeaks.

More rumours on this say, WikiLeaks already believes the country is Afghanistan. An earlier report on the documents from The Washington Post did not name any of the countries involved.

SOURCE: WikiLeaks | Time 



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