Are you an addict of watching p0rn on your smartphone, so this news is for you, because hackers are playing mind games with p0rn lovers.

According at report, A new smartphone virus  is playing with people’s fear of getting caught watching p0rn and then asking for hundreds of dollars in the name of penalty.

How Virus works:

Suppose you are watching p0rn on a website on your Android Phone, suddenly a popup comes and give you free download of a video player which claims to show you free videos, after that you start playing p0rn on player, then a popup comes and says:

Your phone has been blocked up for safety reasons listed below. All the actions performed on this phone are fixed. All your files are encrypted.”

P0rn VirusP0rn Virus

Well, as you can see above– user’s IP Address also traced by hackers, which is done by a small code, and some of the users’ really think about the situation because below the IP Address, some lines written in Legal Way–You Are accused of Watching p0rn and Blablabla, but in real Hackers trying to terrify you that you are now has been caught and hackers tell you to pay a $300 fine over untraceable payment systems to unlock your phone.

The Penalty message changes according to your location, you see the police message relevant to where you’re from.

The fact behind the Locked Phone is– Your back button stopped by the app, but you can uninstall this app by clicking your home screen button.




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