Apple Inc. iCloud security has been compromised by a hackers who have been able to unlock more than 30,000 stolen iPhones in last few days, according to a Dutch Website De Telegraaf.

Website also reports that one of the hackers is in the Netherlands and the other is in Casablanca.

If we try to translate that website page with the help of we came to know that –Chinese traders buying locked Apple devices on eBay for $50 to $150 each and then Hackers able to unlock those purchased devices even those devices locked by the companies. Hackers are earning a huge amount by selling those devices on higher rates than the purchasing one.

How Hackers unlocking Locked iPhones:

Actually, hackers unlocking the iPhones by using the apps on the phones and then make them think they are communicatin with the Apple’s server (Which is used to activate Apple’s devices.)Security experts are concerned that the hackers can do much more than just activate locked, stolen devices. They believe it might be possible that the hackers can also read iMessages and much more.

Upon researching by a website, one of the hacker on twitter with the handle @AquaXetine tweeted, “More then 5700 devices was processed today by server in 5 minutes.

Apple is Silent:

According to the hackers, they already notified Apple about the iCloud Breach back in March, but the company didn’t told anything to their users, after then this is the result that Hackers decided to report the breach to Dutch Media that they successfully breached the server. They say this issue is especially important because Apple has touted the safety of its products.

Apple didn’t responded to hackers’ claims or to the reports published by the Dutch Media, but who knows–Might be Apple is working on patches :)

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