road sign hacked

Yesterday, one hacker hacked at least five Digital Road Sign, which usually used to display an emergency message to the people, right now, The state Department of Transportation is reviewing security of Road Signs.

It’s Funny :)

Hacker hacked the road sign to display an advertisement to its twitter account, DOT officials said. Just after the hack, agency corrected the messages.

The hacked signs were on Interstate 40 and Interstate 240 in Asheville, U.S. Highway 421 in Winston-Salem, Interstate 77 near the North Carolina-Virginia state line and Carolina Beach Road in New Hanover County.

“We’re taking this cyber event very seriously,” DOT Chief Information Officer David Ulmer said in a statement. “We’re not only working with the authorities to investigate this serious incident, but we’re also doing multiple security scans on our equipment and our IT infrastructure to make sure we close any further vulnerabilities.”

While researching more about the issue, officials figured out that Hackers got into the Road Signs systems, and they are also inspecting the security of each road sign, all of the inspections are expected to complete by Saturday.

IT Teams are scanning the online connections to the sign to detect any loop holes over there.

The same group also hacked transportation signs in Wyoming, officials said, noting that the FBI is looking into the case.




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