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First of All we would like to introduce Google Adsense Program, What it is and How it works?

About Google Adsense:

Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience.

How it Works

These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google, and they can generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis. Google beta-tested a cost-per-action service, but discontinued it in October 2008 in favor of a DoubleClick offering (also owned by Google).


Adsense founded in June, 18, 2003.  In Q1 2011, Google earned US $2.43 billion ($9.71 billion annualized), or 28% of total revenue, through Google AdSense.


From here it is really interesting, so read carefully:

April 29th,2014:

The date, when a former Google employee revealed some internal leaks and tactics used in Google Adsense to give profit the company itself, and you will be shocked after hearing the method they using.

I took part in what I (and many others) would consider theft of money from the publishers by Google, and from direct orders of management. There were many AdSense employees involved, and it spanned many years, and I hear it still is happening today except on a much wider scale, The Former Google Employee writes on pastebin statement.

Really, it is too horrible for us to trust upon any of the Google’s Policies, because they are breaking them by their own hands, on further reading the statement i met with some more dark truths , and i (Praveen Kashyap) really not even blinked my eyes upon reading the statement, because it was revealing the thing that i have never seen before in such a Big and Popular Internet Giant.

Here are some points to tell you in small words, what is inside the documents posted by Former Google Employee to pastebin:

  • Google breaks its own policies for their own profit.
  • Google breaking the Laws and Policies from 2009.
  • Google’s First BIG BAN batch happened in March of 2009.
  • Employees were told to Ban Accounts, which are near to payout (as-usual this is because Google wants to earn more from Publishers,— “This way the advertiser too couldn’t claim that Google did not delivered their ads and ask for money back. So in a sense, we had thousands upon thousands of publishers deliver ads we knew they were never going to get paid for, writes Former Google Employee.”)
  • If any publisher had accumulated earnings exceeding $5000 and was near a payout or in the process of a payout>>Disable the account and reverse the earnings back.
  • From 2009 to 2012 there were many more big batches of bans.
  • The biggest of all the banning sessions occurred in April of 2012.(Fast and Furious)
  • Several publishers launched legal actions against Google, which were setteled>>To get rid of this Adsense changed its policies on based of (Lets Flip a Coin.  Head: Account Banned!  | Tail: Account Banned! …)
  • For every Disable account Google provides a chance to Reinstate through filling an appeal form, but in 2012 Google wanted to earn more, so they deleted lots of appeals mail without opening.
  • New Policy Launched in 2012 which was officially called AdSense Quality Control Color Codes (commonly called AQ3C by employees). What it basically was a categorization of publisher accounts. Those publisher’s that could do the most damage by having their account banned were placed in a VIP group that was to be left alone. The rest of the publishers would be placed into other groupings accordingly,”shelter the possible problem makers, and fu*k the rest.”
  • Open your Enemy’s website click on the adsense for whole day (Click-Bombing,) to make the account BAN<<This techinque is being used by Malicious person, and innocent publishers loosing their adsense account through this>>Google knows it, but nothing was done to rectify the issue and probably never will be.(We could be a victim of this, we described at the Last of the report, what google did with us.)
  • At Last the Former also writes, what is the BIG FEAR of Google, which is unity of those Adsense Publishers>> BANNED from Adsense and launch a class-action lawsuit.

April 30th,2014

The next day of the Adsense Leak, Now again, a statement on pastebin came out from the Adsense Leaker, in which he answered many of the questions, which were being asked through the Internet Media and in your mind too, below are some points that reflects>> Adsense Leak is real (We added questions by our own, to make you clear what employee wants to say:)

Q. Why you want to remain Anonymous?

A.  I want to make myself perfectly clear, my employment documents (such as the NDA’s and non-competes) have very strict wording when it comes to releasing internal information in regards to processes and privy information. Google is not just some little company with little means of repercussion. They have gone after other internal leakers and were successful in damaging and ruining their lives on multiple levels. I do not want to be the next one.

Q. What is your next Target?

A.  I had planned and carefully thought out every word and every way I had said it. Everything was planned. The timing. The wording. Everything. It is not by accident, nor are there any accidental omissions.

Q. What is the Proof of the Leak?

A.  I have communications. I have documents, I have files, I have lists, and I have names. I have all of it. Like I said from the beginning, I have carefully waited and carefully planned everything out. I do everything with reason and purpose. I have to be exceptionally careful in every way.

Q. When the proofs are going to be public? 

If several months go by and no class action lawsuit manifests against Google, then I will have to selectively release a few key pieces of evidence to the public at large.

Through the above reports, it is now clear, that The Former Google Employee has the required documents to prove Adsense Dark Truths, and now the employee only waiting for the Justice, if nothing happen to Google, as it said above, The documents will be released in the Public.


We are also affected with the Adsense Fraud, but before 2 more cases left, which we know in the meantime, and we also aware that thousands or more are left, because they are not able to express their feelings, but don’t worry>> If you are affected Adsense Publisher and Google disabled your adsense account just before some days of Payment, JOIN US NOW (SEE BOTTOM OF THE REPORT.)

1. ADWORDS CASE but similar to ADSENSE:

Last month, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) had initiated a probe against Google to investigate claim made by Delhi-based Vishal Gupta who owns remote technology support service firms.

In this lawsuit payment of $310,000 was made to Google by Gupta for its AdWords programme. In opposition to the lawsuit, Google claimed Gupta’s ads violated its user safety policy and hence blocked his AdWords account. He also alleged that AdWords policies were not transparent and unclear. {Full Report}

2. ADSENSE disabled account before some days of PAYOUT:

A US-based company”Free Range Content” has filed a lawsuit against Google accusing the tech giant of engaging in fraud by canceling AdSense accounts just before they were due to pay out.

AdSense is a major advertiser partner network for Google that accounts for about a quarter of Google’s annual revenue.

According to CNET, the case was filed by Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro on behalf of Free Range Content, the California-based owner of

Google’s actions constitute breach of contract, breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, unjust enrichment, and violation of the California Unfair Competition Law, the report added.

The filing with the US District Court for the Northern District of California states that the lawsuit is trying to get class action status so that it can represent all US-based AdSense users whose accounts were disabled or terminated, the report added.

3. Our (Hackers News Bulletin) Adsense account banned just before four days of the preocessing date

The reason given by the Adsense is Invalid Activity, but as we are an adsense publisher for more than one year and aware of all the policies of Adsense, we never clicked on our own ads, and never said anyone to click on those, this could be a ‘CLICK BOMBING’ made by some Malicious users.

We also submitted our appeal through Filling a Form, in which they wanted some information by us, that could prove this is not made by you or if made by you, so HOW?

We replied their every question, but we think,, they are using a scrap and doing copy-paste with the Adsense users, as Google Former Employee writes>> Most of the appeal form being deleted without opening.

We got a reply:


As above in the email, Google says “Our specialists have confirmed that we are unable to reinstate you Adsense account,” that’s okay, but who will answer those questions in our mind:

  1. If the earning made by us, so why WE are unable to see, the Money we earned will reach to the advertiser?
  2. They understand that we want more information, but they didn’t give us, why?

AND Finally, we lost our 50 Days Earning, which was approximate $2500+, we also needed an explanation or some reports from Google to prove any Invalid Activity, but they didn’t reply us back.

We know for Google and for some people $2500 is a small amount, but if you just think over it>> Google Ban 50 Accounts daily with $2500>>  50 x 2500= $125000. Now what,  is this a small amount? that is being made by Google through Disabling Innocent Publishers’ account.

Like The US-based company”Free Range Content” has filed a lawsuit against Google accusing the tech giant of engaging in fraud by cancelling AdSense accounts just before they were due to pay out, we are also going to do that, it’s a hard decision and we really have to take that>>to stay remain this Cyber News Portal LIVE.

Are you an affected Adsense User and your account too banned by Google just before the payment, fill you Information below and JOIN WITH US:

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UPDATE: Some more cases we find of Adsense Fraud (Waiting for more):

  1. Nichepursuits
  2. Zac Johnson
  3. Ghauer Chaudhry
  4. Eric @


SOURCE: Wikipedia | WSJ | DNA | Pastebin | FirstPost

The above report answers the below questions?

1. Google Adsense Fraud

2. Google Adsense account disabled for Invalid Activity, WHY?

3. Google Adsense account disabled before few days of Payments.

4. Google not replying emails, for Adsense.

5. Google doesn’t provide reports for any Invalid Activity.

6. Victims of Google Adsense Fraud.




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