Niwa Supercomputer

New Zealand: Last week, it was confirmed by the Prime Minister John Key that, someone tried an unauthorized access to hack into supercomputer at the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (Niwa.)

About Niwa:

The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research or NIWA (Māori: Taihoro Nukurangi), is a Crown Research Institute of New Zealand. Established in 1992, NIWA conducts commercial and non-commercial research across a broad range of disciplines in the environmental sciences. It also maintains nationally and, in some cases, internationally important environmental monitoring networks, databases, and collections.

John Key said that the Illegal attempt was made from an I.P Address which was from China, “although that doesn’t mean at all that it is from a Chinese entity.”

But he cautioned against assuming it was part of the state-sponsored hacking from China that the United States has decided to publicly target.

“They often masquerade behind a particular IP address but that doesn’t mean that is the ultimate source of the attack,” he said at his post-cabinet press conference.

Hack was successful?

Nope, Hackers unable to harm supercomputer, because just after the tracing of an unauthorised access, the computer was shut down, but was back next day, a spokeswoman at Niwa said.

Attack was dubbed by hackers ‘FitzRoy.’

There is not any confirmation from the officials, that why Supercomputer was targeted and what was the Motive?

Recently, in a cyber-attack United States named Chinese Officials to hacking into companies to steal Trade Secrets.

SOURCE: Wikipedia | Nzherald



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