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From many days, when I was exploring Google for any latest news related to hacks, i got a point that how many websites are there when you search for ‘how to hack a Facebook account, facebook hacking, fb hack, facebook online hack & many more…’ Really I was also shocked when I searched it and found many direct websites, blogs claiming to hack any of the Facebook account LIVE.

The thing I want to say, you must beware of those sites because some of these websites are just redirecting you to complete surveys to earn money, some are installing malware on your systems to get your personal info.

So, for your safety,we collected a list of those websites which are making you fool in the name of Facebook Account Hacking, YOU MUST NOT USE ANY OF THESE WEBSITES, AND NOT FOR TESTING PURPOSE, as these sites can harm your systems:

Before you read the list, one of the link which is really dangerous and was founded on every page, on every related keywords of FB hack is from ‘,’ which is basically coming up upon clicking various malicious URLs, you can find out that link below from the list.

List of Harmful Websites making you Fool in the name of Facebook Hacking

One of the report was published just few days ago, in which hackers using a post named ‘How you can hack your friends’ facebook account,’ and in the name of that your Facebook account hijacked to like and follow other pages automatically without your own authentication.

We collected websites above from various sources, if you have any website which is not in the list above, so send us now HERE.



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