avast down

Today’s trending in password hacking news is the Latest Avast Hack, which is announced by the security company itself that its online forum has been hacked by the hackers and they stolen the database of users’ which contains some juicy information.

What has been compromised?

  • Username
  • Email Address
  • Encrypted Password

Affected users:

In the cyber-attack less than 0.2% which is about 400,000 of Avast’s users have been affected.

The most important thing is, financial information which is said to be safe in the cyber-attack.

The Loop Hole:

The main cause of the cyber-attack could be the open source community software called “Simple Machines Forum(SMF)”. It appears the Avast is using an outdated version of SMF.

avast forum hacked
SOURCE: eHacking

What should you do?

You should change your password immediately and in-case you use the same password for any other online services, so change too, because it could make trouble for you in future.

Right now, Avast is rebuilding the forum and claiming to built it now more securely. Avast’s free anti-virus software is one of the most downloaded security packages, with more than 200 million installations worldwide.

At the time of writing, is inaccessible. We checked HERE.



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