Just like World Wide Web, here is World Wide Anonymous group (which contains Activists,) and now they are planning to disturb the Fifa World Cup 2014 in Brazil through Cyber-Attacks.

Anonymous are going to target sponsors of this Word Cup, and below is the reason WHY?

Anonymous group is really angry with the Lavish spending on the games in Brazil and the country is struggling to provide basic services, “We will not stay quiet,” one of the hacker says.

Earlier this week, Hackers already attacked the Brazil’s Foreign Ministry computer networks and leaked dozens of confidential emails. In the attack a hacker AnonManifest used phishing tactics to hack into the Foreign Ministry’s databases and access emails.

A hacker dubbed Che Commodore says, “We have already conducted late-night tests to see which of the sites are more vulnerable. “We have a plan of attack.”

“This time we are targeting the sponsors of the World Cup,” he said in a Skype conversation with Reuters from an undisclosed location in Brazil.

Who is the Target from Sponsors?

  • Adidas
  • Emirates Airline
  • Cola-Cola CO
  • Budweiser

Before this, Brazil already is cracked by the protesters, which are upset on the same thing (Government for pumping millions of dollars into the funding,) that Anonymous makes the Motive to attack this World Cup.

Brazilians are angry with their government for pumping millions of dollars into the funding of an eight-week extravagance and that money being spent on the World Cup is instead desperately needed for education, sanitisation, hospitals and the eradication of violence, drugs and weapons from their streets, Huffingtonpost writes.

Right now, FIFA World Cup has been scheduled from 12 June to 13 July 2014 and this is the second time, Brazil is hosting the World Cup.

The day is near, and attacks are bigger, so we will not confuse you by adding some more words, we will just wait and watch and if there is any attack goes on, we will update you asap.



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