According to an update from the NSA’s top lawyer, companies such as Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft were already aware about the NSA surveillance program PRISM, lawyer says to a privacy committee on Wednesday.

Earlier, tech companies declined this, when Google’s chief legal officer David Drummond headlined a post ‘What the…” and Zuckerberg referred to the press reports as ‘outrageous’.

At that time tech companies denied – NSA have access to their servers, Which is completely invert of a news reported in Washington post news that reported about government agencies were accessing their central servers.

US technology companies were fully aware of the surveillance agency’s mass collection of data, says NSA general counsel Rajesh De.

Last Week, Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO) called up president Obama to discuss about the harm of the future of Internet.

Tech Giant like Facebook and Google have been requested to be more transparent reffering to the requests for data and increased security measures.

Rajesh De has also stated that the NSA does not have permission to search for Americans’ data from communications that are taken directly off the Internet.



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