Nokia X

Recently first Android Nokia X has been hacked by Spanish developer named “Kasha Malaga.”

Kasha rooted the phone and able to force accept the Google’s apps and services to Nokia X , he also replaced  Nokia’s custom skin with the Android Now launcher.

The Nokia X is meant to serve as an Android-based Trojan Horse for Microsoft’s apps and services — but that’s not stopping hackers who want to open it up for Google’s solutions.

About Nokia X operating system:

The Nokia X runs Android. But not the Android you know (and probably love). This is a heavily modified version that is built on Android open source software. This isn’t an Android that comes with the Google Play store. This is an Android that has been moulded and contorted into an operating system that runs and looks a lot like Windows Phone.

Nokia also approves it:

@KashaMalaga This is awesome! Very excited to see progress is being made – we actually really like @xdadevelopers
Nokia Developer Team (@nokiadeveloper) February 28, 2014

Don’t know, will Nokia stop the lock down the devices or no.



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