Hackers near by you could hack your router and redirect to the custom Malicious websites, according to a report at least 300,000 routers compromised by hackers.

Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) routers produced by TP-Link, D-Link, Micronet and Tenda affected through the Weak authentication and vulnerabilities in both the routers’ firmware and their web application interfaces were all exploited in the attacks, reported by security team Cymru.

Hackers attacking Routers:

To hack a router, one of the vulnerability used was a cross-site request forgery flaw- Whenever a user visited a malicious website, router authentication was hendled to the hackers. Image below helps you to describe the attack:


Some of the known flaw also exploited by hackers in ZyXEL ZynOS firmware on the routers, which meant to download the credentials directly from the device by using an unauthenticated web interface for the machines.

Hackers also caught up that they changing the domain name system (DNS) configrautions on the devices, by which user easily rediercted to any of the Malicious URL that attacker wants to.

Most of the victims of the attack were based in Vietnam, although other victims lived in Italy, India and Thailand. The attacks date back to at least mid-December.

It appears the UK came away relatively unscathed, even though there were many victims across Europe.


Main motive of hackers is still unclear, for what they are attacking routers because the IP addresses the victims were forwarded on to did not appear to contain anything obviously malicious.

According to Team Cymru hackers using these type f techniques to send victims to fake sites, where they could get your financial information and passwords.

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