Mt. Gox bitcoin database download

Last month, one of the Bitcoin exchange based in Tokyo, Japan named “Mt. Gox” filed for bankruptcy protection and yesterday, anonymous hacker hacked the Mt. Gox’s CEO personal blog ‘’ along with the Tumblr and Reddit accounts.

Hacker also posted a link “” which contains the relevant database dumps, csv exports, specialized tools, and some highlighted summaries compiled from data.

Featured image above, uploaded by the hacker which claims to be from Mt. Gox parent company Tibanne Ltd. and some of the Redditors and twitter users verified the personal account balances with the data in it — also available as an Excel spreadsheet — tied to the user id included in their first Mt. Gox registration e-mail.

After the leak link uploaded by the hackers, Mt. Gox has updated its website with a spam warning report, claiming about some of the phishing emails are being sent to former users.

Screenshot of press release

If Mt. Gox report is correct, so you have to change the same passwords you used on other online accounts.

Engadget analysis:

If the leaked information is valid (and, if valid, accurate, considering Mt. Gox’s vulnerability and accounting issues), it reports a sum of 951,116.21905382 Bitcoins deposited by users. During a news conference in Japan, Karpeles claimed 850,000 Bitcoins (worth around $549 million at current prices) had disappeared due to “weaknesses in the system,” while bankruptcy filings claimed a debt of $63.6 million. How many Bitcoins were really left in the vault, what happened to the rest and whether or not account holders will ever get their currency back is still unknown.




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