Apple Spying

Something serious about your privacy revealed in public by an user of Apple iPhone 5S, right now you just know-Apple has a motion co-processor called M7 Chip that tracks of your motion related data derived from the integrated accelerometer, gyroscope and compass sensors but you know if your ever died then-still all of your data collected by the M7 Chip.

The fact is when iPhone’s battery shuts down due to low battery, actually the battery isn’t completely drained. M7 designed to work in very tiny power also. So M7 analyzes your every physical activity even if the your battery dies.

M7 processor works  independently , so it doesn’t need any other components on the iPhone to be powered on.

This Privacy stuff revealed by a Reddit user, who wrote:

While traveling abroad, my iPhone cable stopped working so my 5s died completely.

I frequently use Argus to track my steps (highly recommended if you have any health bands or accessories) since it takes advantage of the M7 chip built into the phone.

Once I got back from my vacation and charged the phone, I was surprised to see that Argus displayed a number of steps for the 4 days that my phone was dead.

I’m both incredibly impressed and slightly terrified.

M7 only analyze physical activity, not your actual location.




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