Hackers have something that can never be controlled by website owners, we are talking about DDoS Attack which is a primary weapon used by hackers.

Today, hackers attacked The united States Army Knowledge online website ( and according to softpedia the site was down by four hours, but upon checking at the time of reporting the news the site was still down, we checked the website on our Exclusive service specially for hackers to check the downtime of a website, below is the screenshot we took:

us army website down

First the tangodown was down by the members of DerpTrolling, which is the group responsible for Tangodown of some major gaming servers like Steam,, Origin and League of Legends

“All Hail Gaben! #PraiseGaben We will show the infidels the way back to hell! Lord Cage welcomes you,” the hackers wrote on Twitter.

Right now, the website is still not accessible and showing it is down from here, you can also check the downtime of the website HERE.



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