Strong password

The city of Dubai has had a massive increment in the number of hacking in the recent days. This hacking has concentrated mostly on the online accounts due to the increased difficulty that is usually linked to protecting these online accounts. The cry for many has been development of a more secure protection methods and measures.

A computer scientist in Dubai has managed to program a new way, “geographical passwords” in order to help and protect the online accounts so that hackers can’t be able to access.

Ziyad Al-Salloum who is a computer scientist of the ZSS-research team based in Ras Al Khaimah, has managed to pull this off after massive efforts. The method is an easy way and practical approach for accessing the credential which could ensure that the user details are protected.

The security system if it proves effective will not only offer protection, but also limit the weaknesses that are usually associated with passwords and usernames so as to access accounts.

This system will be able to make the use of locations in ensuring security. By this, the location that a user has shared with his or her relatives will be recalled and made favourite locations. These locations will also be made the access location for accessing a particular account.

This method of account protection that has been programmed by ZSS-research team is in a better position to curb various hacking and protect online accounts.

According to Al-Salloum, it is very much easier for a person to recall the recent place he or she has visited compared to remembering a complicated and long password.

The use of very long and sophisticated passwords may still be a good security measure for many accounts. However, the hackers have proved to be more advanced in cracking the system. Furthermore they have developed new ways of breaking into servers so as to acquire the usernames and passwords of users.

Various businesses and corporations have been hacked in the recent past. Sony, LinkedIn, the US government, Twitter, Evernote, Yahoo and others have had their systems hacked using different ways.

According to Al-Salloum, if this method is implemented as a way of security protection it will help in reducing the number of hacking by approximately 76%. This estimate is based on analysis which was compiled using 47,000 reported hacking.

This method makes use of geo data that has been collected from locations which the user has used to log into the account. The system then uses the location to make boundaries through the use of latitude, longitude, area boundary, altitude, sides, perimeter, radius and other similar features to protect passwords.

After this system is set up, the user password is ‘salted’ through adding a series of hidden character randomly. These characters are specific to a particular user and it is connected to the account.

This means that more than one user may pick a particular location as the geographical password because the characters making it are unique to a specific user. If the system was to make it impossible for the users to pick the same location, then the hackers would have an easy time to guess account passwords.



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